Amit Gupta

Amit is a writer for PTR studying bioengineering and health care management. He can be found in Huntsman hall blogging or trading crypto instead of doing his homework. His favorite pastimes include persuading sneks to go into entrepreneurship and telling CS kids to transfer into BE.

Reinventing Biology

It all started with an anatomy class and a turtle; a turtle which just may have inspired the next big revolution in biotechnology. Sitting in that anatomy and physiology class, bored with dissections, a teenage Karen Hogan stared at a. . .


Fighting Trauma

Once every three minutes someone dies from injury or violence in the US. That’s 199,000 people whose lives are cut short from horror stories that not only deal physical trauma to the victims, but impart emotional trauma on their friends. . .


Fighting Climate Change

Gabriel Elsner has always loved cars. As a little kid growing up in California, he loved to go to the Los Angeles Auto Show with his grandparents. Gabe would dip and dash between the cars, hopping into every single vehicle.. . .


Adrienne Meisels, founder of MyPlanit

If Adrienne Meisels’ story had one lesson it would be that life never turns out how you expect it will. There is little other explanation for how a girl dreamed of working for the state department would become the founder. . .