May Xiao

May is a freshman studying Systems Engineering and a content writer for PTR. She can be found trying to complete her 10 boba punch card at Ochatto or hiding in a GSR at Huntsman.

Finding Success Before 18

Sitting across from Dylan Diamond on a bench outside of Fisher Hassenfeld House in the Quad, you wouldn’t know that he had spent the summer interning with Tesla. His face is smeared with small flecks of neon paint, remainders of. . .


Sky’s The Limit - Chris Bennett and Skyless Game Studios

Government agents around the world are learning skills and techniques for investigating crimes like corruption, fraud, and money laundering- but not in a way you might expect. They are playing a video game called Follow the Money, created by Skyless. . .


Living Your Best Life: Wanderlust in Latin America

On September 19th, 2017, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Mexico City. Buildings across the city were damaged, including the LocalAventura travel company headquarters. The setback didn’t stop company co-founder Cait Breslin from working on the company’s latest ad campaign that. . .


Modern Media: Making the World Feel Just a Bit Smaller

The arrival of spring is often celebrated, as the days turn longer and the weather turns warmer. But for college seniors, it is a time of difficult decision-making. When David Wertime was in his last year of studying English at. . .


Beth Blinebury: Building a Brand through Website Design

In the age of the internet, one of the most distinct identities a brand can have is its website. Beth Blinebury is the co-owner of Blinebury Designs, a studio that specializes in branding design and custom website design and development,. . .