Calista Dominy

Calista is a sophomore in biomedical engineering. She is a writer and outreach chair for PTR. If she's not in DRL 😞 , you can find her going for a run, buying food, or hanging with her roommates.

Twine Labs - using data analytics to improve employee retention

Wharton Business Plan Competition Perlman Grand Prize winner, Joseph Quan, knows the importance of hard work and perseverance. From his start at University of California, Berkeley to the establishment of his own company, he has utilized qualities of persistence and. . .


Neuroflow - Christopher Molaro

“Having the honor to lead 40 soldiers in combat environment had its challenges,” said Christopher Molaro, current Wharton MBA student, co-founder of NeuroFlow, and civil engineer from West Point, “especially in terms of the health of the soldiers.” In 2011,. . .


Incidnt - Timothy Blomfield

While growing up, people often make it seem like life is a straight path. Stay in school, work hard, get a job - as if life has a certain degree of predictability. However, for Wharton MBA student, Engineering Master’s student,. . .


Recipe for success: Steven Finn's path to LocalStove

Steven Finn turned his first startup failure into a visionary food tech company that is taking Philadelphia by storm.   Finn (Wharton ‘08)  started his first company the summer before his senior year with cofounders over a decade older than him. His. . .


Roommates Resolved

His sister had him excited for Penn well before he even applied. Salomon Serfati, a curious kid with a knack for building things, had been waiting for college to start since he was accepted in late November the year before.. . .


SoCal to Philly - Consulting to startups

It’s hard to move from the town you’ve grown up in to an entirely new city, let alone make that city your home and future career space. It’s difficult to call that city yours, to acquire a passion for its. . .