Sanjit Kalapatapu

Sanjit is a sophomore studying Computer Science and is a writer for PTR. He loves producing, listening, and talking about music. His life goal is to teach a monkey how to play "Stairway to Heaven" on guitar.

Trevor Pennypacker: Paladin Drones

You’re on a camping trip with your family and you see rapidly approaching smoke and flames billowing up among nearby trees. You quickly call 911, give them your approximate location and proximity to the fire. Soon, firefighters from the nearest. . .


Danielle Bassett: Using graph theory to better understand how we think.

When I walked into an office in Hayden Hall last week, I expected to see Danielle Bassett, a systems neuroscientist researcher and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. However, I didn’t expect to see her sitting at a table whose. . .


From Table Tennis to Algorithms


Those who first encounter  Professor Rajiv Gandhi, with his steadfast composure and characteristic solid-colored polos, may find him simple and quiet. However, Rajiv has a hidden energy - one that allows him to memorize all students’ names across 200-person classes. . .


Fostering Entrepreneurship at Penn - David Ongchoco

The path to becoming a successful entrepreneur is a difficult, self-selecting process. There is an endless amount of defeat and refactoring, planning and failed execution that discourages students from ever following their entrepreneurial goals. What students tend to assume is. . .


Brianna Wronko: Revolutionizing patient care for only $12

You’re not feeling well so you visit the doctor. Your blood is sampled, and your doctor tells you that you may have to wait anywhere from 24 hours to a full week for the arrival of your blood test results.. . .


Universal network optimization

Networks are deeply embedded in your world. Your brain consists of a dense network of approximately 86 billion neurons, all packed in clusters of different shape, size, and form. Your Facebook profile is a small drop in an ocean of. . .


Making it to the front page of r/gaming

If you asked students how they spent their freshman summer, most would tell you that they either spent their time relaxing at home or pursuing research and internship opportunities. If you asked Jacob Beckerman, he would tell you that he. . .


Prioritizing Mental and Physical Well-Being through Fitalyst: Jonathan Muruako

In the busy life of a college student, it’s hard to juggle the many priorities that include studying, making time for friends, sleeping, and, most importantly, your mental and physical well-being. For many, certain goals and activities will inevitably fall. . .


Confronting Expected Uncertainty in Life

If you’ve ever attended or sat in on one of Santosh’s classes, you know that the manner in which he teaches and explores the topic of probability is not the same manner in which many other math and science classes. . .