Zoe Schwingel-Sauer

Zoe is a sophomore majoring in Psychology as well as an editor and writer for PTR. When I’m not at Wawa getting a milkshake, you can find me cooking a yummy meal in Harnwell, reading in a grassy area, or planning my next travel adventure.

Penn Aerospace - Victoria Peng

Victoria Peng challenged herself to branch outside of the humanities her junior year at Penn. She is currently in Penn Aerospace on the Operations team.   Many of our childhood dream jobs crossed paths with fighting fires, being president, or even going to. . .


Dara Berger on overcoming infertility

“It’s called an ART; it’s Assisted Reproduction Technology.” Dara Berger is the master of ART. She is the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Lab Director at Penn Fertility Care. Berger is in charge of the embryology lab, endocrinology lab, and andrology. . .


Future United Nations of food

Food is essential to any culture, and immigrants who come to the United States often have trouble getting access to cultural grocers. For Chicago residents, the average ethnic grocery store is 40 minutes away, compared to the average generic grocery. . .


Bridging the gap of financial inequality

Jeff Zhou hails from Buffalo, NY (Go Bills!). He earned his undergraduate degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Chemical Engineering, where he was also on the swimming team. Zhou jokes that as an engineering student he survived on Panda. . .